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MacGyver is a trademark and copyright of Paramount Pictures. Publication of these MacGyverisms in not intended to infringe on any of Paramount's rights with regard to MacGyver. The MacGyverisms from each of the previously aired episodes are presented without the prior consent or knowledge of Parmount Pictures. Paramount Pictures does not encourage live replication of the MacGyverisms presented in the individual episodes. Although Paramount Pictures and the producers of MacGyver were careful to ensure that elements shown in the episodes of potentially dangerous MacGyverisms were left out or changed to render them harmless if attempted, there is no way to be sure that any versions attempted might include some unintentional error or oversite that might change the outcome of a particular MacGyverism. In other words, DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!!! ---------------------------------------------------------- Episode Tricks ---------------------------------------------------------- 001 PILOT Disarmed missle with a paperclip Matches & rope got rifle to shoot itself Smashed pistol barrel to use as rocket thruster Kicked grate to test for hidden laser Lit cigarette with hidden laser Smoked cigarette to find hidden laser Used binocular eyepiece to catch laser beam Aimed laser beam at source to "kill" it Knotted fire hose to build up water pressure Used said hose to lift steel beam Tested heat on door with a stick (it caught fire) Milk Chocolate candy stops sulphuric acid leak Used shirt to filter gases Sodium metal & cold capsule explosive Flipped lights in morse code 002 CRUSHER/GOLDEN TRIANGLE Picked up thieves in car with heavy duty magnet Inflate raft to pop a flare Bamboo thing with alcohol & fire ash Winched a helicopter 003 PEGASUS/THIEF OF BUDAPEST Stole horse, got it picked up with helicopter Lightbulbs between boards simulate flat tire sound Weed Killer Bomb Magnifying Glass using hair & white wine Mess up traffic signal with credit card 004 MAP/GAUNTLET Used SAK to push key out of lock other side of door Key fell on map previously slid under door Slid map out with key on it Used map as pea shooter distraction Rolled map around bar to knock bad person Slid down sand dune on map Used map & duct tape to patch hole in hot air balloon Camera timer & "silly putty" explosive Noise: Duct tape, firecrackers, candle on church bell Hooked cable wire on car axle to stop car Used Kate Connally's compact as rear view mirror Threw Kate Connally on someone for distraction Made car go w/ belt thru steering wheel & stick shift 005 HEIST Distraction: String & paper clip women's dress zipper Buffed dice with powder soap on shoe shine machine Hid buffed dice in drink after winning (GOT CAUGHT!) Electric cord tied door handle shut Pushed bar cart by igniting CO2 tanks Magnet in Chris' shoe screws up roulette wheel Marked card with Chris' ring Picked lock with SAK (TWICE IN THIS EP!) Wired fuse box lights to alarm clock with hands Picked 2:10 as time because wires would touch Coat hanger & Mirror on camera to fool security camera After sneak in room, yank above device off w/string Found laser beam with cigar ashes Plastic tube used to "route" the laser Limbo'd under above tube Let bird out of cage to set off motion detector Faked musical notes with wine-filled crystal goblets Used piece of glass lamp for funnel "Funneled" diamonds down the drainpipe Fire ext. & car jack, I think USA left something out.. Put parachute on car Drove car out of plane at 20,000 feet 006 WHITEWATER/TRUMBO'S WORLD Used SAK to snitch towel off laundry line Moved shower pipe on fire, "hot water" Log lifted door out Kerosene soaked rope lit so bad guys can't follow Jumper Cable, generator, money makes arc welder Rope over post, twist to lift canoe off person Hose, metal pipe, gasoline = flame thrower Nitrate, cellulose, acid = nitro manite Melted garden hose spread on net = ant-repel suit Blew up ants with aforementioned nitro manite 007 LAST STAND Bike bars, rust, flare, used as torch Cotton, Engine Starter Fluid, fertilizer = bomb Wrap above in newspaper and duct tape Light bulb melt ice down a tube Above water went to door lock, froze, broke door Hung on for dear life on an airplane rudder Daveism-Knocked guy down with helicopter 008 HELLFIRE Used gum wrapper to fix fuse Tested nitroglycerin on barrel Fix truck with pen spring Drove truck with nitro downhill w/o brakes 009 PRODIGAL Hot wire car with paper clip Used SAK to pick trunk lock Loosened lug nuts of bad guys car Used string to turn on saw Distraction: Drywall & wood chips thru a saw Drained radiator on bad guys car Soda, fizzies, dry ice simulated smoke Posed as tow truck driver to take Paulie Dropped car off truck in narrow alley to block chasers Used string & rod to trip someone Used SAK to pick ANOTHER lock Rod & electrical cord used as harpoon Telescope, camphor balls, cleaning fluid, cloth to "fire" the harpoon Went across harpooned cord with pulley and handles 010 KITCHEN MAGIC/TARGET MACGYVER Pick Lock with SAK (HO HUM!!!!!!) Stack pans on ice, heat w/Toaster Oven Spread cooking oil on floor Use hose as "trip wire" Cover "bad guys" with outdoor chaise Reeds under wood to "fake" breathing Blowdart, using reeds & anesthetic-type plant Decoy using a stuffed jacket Pine cones & pine pitch as "land mines" Used "loco weed" as anesthetic Grain dust down a funnel, light it Harry strung wire to use a "remote tripper" Sawed post halfway Harry used pine nuts as "blasting caps" 011 NIGHTMARES (even while drugged, Mac comes thru!) LISAISM-Alarm from string, goblet, silverware Gum wrapper fishing lure Hid evidence in concrete base of lamp post Water down belt into electrical outlet is "shocker" Cot springs & cot used to "sling shot" the door open TV tube, jumper cable, battery "shocked" bad guys Fire hose out window faked out bad guys Air out of tire with nail (That's not new....) Water jugs hung on rope, let go, WHAM Lit rope on fire to activate smoke alarm Hit iron bar on fire hydrant to make magnet 012 FUNERAL IN BERLIN/DEATHLOCK James Bond Trick! Casket becomes a jetski Held armor out to test for booby traps Metal bowl & electric juicer jam TV signals Batteries, wires, mixer, rubber band, cart move armor Vinegar & Baking Soda smoke screen Spread out metal duct pipe for "warning alarm" Rewired & disconnected "bad guys" TV signals Used mirror as periscope Got some "trigger" to squirt water at bad guy 013 FLAME'S END Notice hole is blown IN, not out, with magnesium oxide Cut wires to speed up time clock to open door Use a pistol as a wrench 014 COUNTDOWN Made a robot to open fridge and grab eggs Turned cargo net into a rapel line Dental probe coated with vasoline to go thru seal HOW TO DEFUSE THIS VACUUM BOMB: 1. Score neon tube with sharpening stone 2. Break at score, quickly plug w/cork 3. Slide neon tube SLOWLY thru silicon seal 4. Pop cork against sharp object inside bomb 5. Release of neon sucks phosphorus inside tube 6. Pull tube out, you will hear a BANG 7. Milk & dash of liquid oven cleaner in pastry tube 8. Remove cylinder seals, sniff for chemical content 9. Put milky stuff in each cylinder 10. After liquid clears, drain cylinders 11. AW MAN!!! secondary part activates!!!!!!! 12. Tell Pete you'll play golf (you HATE golf!) 13. Tell Pete to do some cross matches 14. Pete comes back and tells you who is VIKING 15. "Innocently" ask the bad guy which fuse to pull 16. Purposely do the exact opposite! 015 ENEMY WITHIN Fix brake line while car is in motion Nylon = adiphic acid, hexmethylene diamene, & iron Mirror, wires, spiral ash tray for hypnosis Candle holder, electric cord, rubber = "Heart starter" 016 EVERY TIME SHE SMILES Used coat rack to break wall Hooked coat wire on conveyor to break wall wire Rode on conveyor belt Speeded up merry-go-round Dropped rings in merry-go-round mesh gears The rings screwed up the gears and threw off bad guys Made gas from pest control, soap flakes, tile cleaner Fused with lard, newspaper, oven cleaner Placed above on cookie sheet with gas jet Jumped on oil truck Put hose on oil truck exhaust Mixed above with water for explosion 017 TO BE A MAN Rewired booby trap to prevent detonation Used satellite parts & plastic shield as hang glider Used Butane burner as torpedo Fixed gasket on manual water pump Hid under straw and knocked support down Fire Extinguisher, water, & spike; broke off boulder 018 UGLY DUCKLING Speaker & oscillator hurt bad guys ears "Kateism"-made transistor radio into SAR-SAT "Kateism"-jumper cables & battery burned off bars Cooled Hot bars with hydrocarbon spray can Cactus juice powered a transistor radio Triangulation: 2 radios, car antena, watch, wire, sun Headlight, mirror, binocular lens to fire gun Got missle to counteract another missle 019 SLOW DEATH No matter what, MacGyver will NOT miss a train! Made doll from handkerchief and sock Salt, Seltzer, green olives as distraction Moonshine & matches to force bad guys off Rewired starter on train to overload Lie Detector from Blood Pressure pump & alarm clock 020 ESCAPE Ball, kerosene, newspaper, cotton = hot air balloon Spatula attached to ceiling fan simulates helicopters PCP & "volitle liquid" on clothes for explosive Wire, washtub, ice, PCP for timed explosive Tape recorder against microphone simulated sirens Emptied grenade powder on cement for explosive 021 A PRISONER OF CONSCIENCE Potato on tailpipe caused car to backfire Blanket, gas, rope, life jacket jammed boat gears Hanging bucket with mop slid thru simulated "mopping" Caulk & "hardening agent" got someone stuck on bucket 022 ASSASSIN Put board across exit "wheel gougers" to drive over 023 HUMAN FACTOR Got past security checkpoint hanging under car Newspaper, magnify glass, watch crystal = telescope Tightrope walked over laser trap floor Plaster dust & coat simulated handprint for sensor Mirror, mop, & pail redirected and shorted laser beam Used pants to hang on pipe over boiling water Magnets, matches, & paper shorted heat seeking robots Cut cable to stop fan from sucking out air Used wires to short fuses to start electrical overload Used overloaded sparking cable to destroy computer Opened mined door, hoping Pete had detonated mines 024 ERASER Rode ON elevator, instead of IN it Used wire to short a keypad combination lock Rewired car phone to lock car doors on incoming call Used metal tube, rag, & gas as tordedo Mirror image of guy shot, fake blood included Run foil between lips to simulate police siren 025 TWICE STUNG Fire hose attached to elevator broke door Flashlight battery & matches connect to floodlight reversed wiring to short out lock 026 WISH CHILD RC Toy used as distraction to "bad" teenager Watch crystal, firecracker to burst crate Rope & umbrella used as grappling hook Gunpowder & bandana in keyhole, hit door, burst lock Fire extinguisher smoke screen Block door with fire extinguisher pin 027 FINAL APPROACH Made parachute into tent Forced snake away with "fire smoke" Log bark used as water trough "Watered" mountain lion away with above trough Tube and earpiece from headset used as stethoscope Sighting tool from branches & earrings Got kids to make mud trough Hollowed log as "spare tire" on airplane 028 EAGLES Broke arrow to splint eagle's wing Used Pen as bird feeder ball bearing, propane stove & grinder blew up shed Used Bicycle inner tube as sling shot Hang glided eggs down from nest 029 JACK OF LIES Unscrewed lightbulb with cardboard tube "Sling shotted" an oxygen cylinder Plugged fuel leak with stick "Sneaked in" in a coffin Poured wine on battery to charge it up Hooked battery to rope and prop for snare 030 ROAD NOT TAKEN Baseball string tied to door as "alert system" Animal Fat & Kerosene in can as flare Made vines into a sling shot Rosary beads in sun made flame set sling shot off Used wire from broom as a saw Fertilizer and rag in can inside bamboo for rocket 031 SILENT WORLD Plastic trash bag, branch, made delayed starter Put snare outside front door 032 THREE FOR THE ROAD Used paper clip for fuse (didn't work!) Used convertible top cover to stop car Used convertible top to stop car Used Ball point pen case to fix fuel line Muffler, seat stuffing, gas, knob used as cannon Collected gas from tank with tail light cover Horn, handle, horseshoe, battery, wire is doorbell Made flowers from newspaper 033 PHOENIX UNDER SIEGE Electro magnet from dry cell, copper wire, iron pipe Create static electricity on wire, zap electric lock "Harryism"-rubbed ropes against chair to free feet "Harryism"-kicked phone buttons to say on 5th floor Disarmed a bomb with hockey ticket 034 FAMILY MATTER Sneaked directional watch under car Put coat on Oar, tied it to boat Float money in life jacket as "message" Wire & rope made remote starter for engine Explosive with gas can & oil soaked rag Bamboo bazookas filled with methane mud 035 SOFT TOUCH Wheel Chair Magnesium, rags, pipe shattered lock Roped someone with speaker wire 036 BIRTH DAY Made driving ramp with boards & barrels Lifted Jeep with boat crane Weight on fishing pole, knocked out someone Water soaked sail bag, signal flags, helium filled 037 PIRATES Shot polystyrene balls with vaccuum cleaner Bilge pump water into boat bumper (didn't work!) Compressed Gas under water burst boat hatch Kept mine trip wire taught with string Used nail to wedge button on land mine 038 OUT IN THE COLD The Parachute thru the ski pole trick! Squirted someone in face with packet of soy sauce Used water as magnifying lens on broken microscope Hid in dry clean bag on conveyer Electrified fence by putting wire against it 039 DALTON, JACK OF SPIES Released side car from bike to go thru narrow alley Shoved motor bike at bad guys Distraction: Cannon and powder Hid inside crate Braced dump truck to stop sledge mechanism Used hooked bar to turn off sledge Goofed, turned on the dumper instead HUNG ON FOR DEAR LIFE while dump truck drove 040 PARTNERS Shoestring, wrench, door handle attached to gas pedal "Peteism" Pulled Mac off bed with displacement charge Oil can, pantihose, battery, exhaust blew off door 041 BUSHMASTER Used rock & string to make rifle shoot itself Sent mouse thru drain to get freon Used freon to shatter lock Put egg whites on radiator to clog holes in radiator 042 FRIENDS (just clips of old MacGyverisms) 043 DOA MACGYVER Slap 2X4 against concrete, sounds like a gun Muriadic Acid & Amonia make fog screen Made name plate into bicycle chain guard Kicked boat stand down to knock bad guy down Figured out, from conversation, coat was a bomb Stuffed said coat into jar, threw under bad guys' car 044 FOR LOVE OR MONEY Made fake blood from red wine and ketchup Carbon, oxygen, & glove smoke bomb in potatoe dish Nitro tablet & alcohol explosive Attached baling wire to ignition to "stun" Scared everyone with grenade with explosive removed 045} LOST LOVE (Two Part ep) 046} Rode down log carrier Entered building thru vent pipe Duct tape over latch so vent won't close Lowered himself with rope & carabriners Found hidden laser with climber's chalk Arnold Palmer's birthday unlocks combination lock Breathed on window, wrote numbers on vapor Hydraulic suctions, plastic tube, remote lift glass Used clamps for pressure to "fake out" weight lock Post-It note and rope for "distraction" to escape Kisses Lisa, pulls out her hair pin to pick handcuffs Used handcuffs to pick lock 047 BACK FROM THE DEAD Used fire hose to slide across high wire Used SAK to drop net on someone Threw spear at dial, steam pressure hit bad guys 048 GHOST SHIP Made oars from branch & tent bag Extracted water from stone with metal tube Fishing reel & line as trip wire, pole as slingshot Put ?? in pipe, flush water?????? 049 FIRE & ICE Attached hose to rake head, used as climbing rope Graphite from pencil to make fingerprints show up 050 GX-1 Pine needles between shirt layers for warmth Made shoes from duct tape and plastic mat Made hot air balloon from shed, tent, gas cylinders 051 JACK IN THE BOX Made acetylene from carbide & water Hooked bad guy up to cable, cable drug him to mud Put dynamite in suitcase 052 WIDOWMAKER Car antenae, jump cable, battery used as arc welder Belt & rope used to climb pole Cut phone wire to tap morse code Used a bracelet for above morse code 053 HELL WEEK "Rymanism"-Fix leak with gum Acedic Acid & Amonia smoke screen for motion detector Jam elevator with dustpan Difuse bomb by "cooking" mercury with wires 054 BLOW OUT Tear Gas: Hot water bottle, soda, vinegar, spices Hung dripping yellow paint under car Moved desk to displace weight for weight bomb Fill bomb truck with cement 055 KILL ZONE Used Transmitter from satellite as a radio Tubing, freon, & gas to seal silicon leak Hot wired an elevator to speed it up 056 EARLY RETIREMENT Steam Pressure Hose Smoke Screen 057 THIN ICE Replaced solenoid spring with flashlight spring 058 THE ODD TRIPLE Fire hose on the bad guys trick! used wine to wriggle out of having hands tied Nitro cannisters on wine cask to break down wall DALTONISM! Smoke flare in the suitcase 059 NEGOTIATOR Fire extinguisher to get rid of chase car Used jumper cables to zap Debra 060 SPOILERS Smoke screen 061 MASK OF THE WOLF Copper & zinc mixture to lift tomb door Used a hemp fuse for above 062 ROCK THE CRADLE Fixed plane landing gear while in mid air Built a baby crib from Hockey sticks Distract bad guys with a remote control plane Used Fire Hose on bad guys 063 ENDANGERED Matches & rum for diversion Took distributor cap from bad guys car (OLD TRICK!) Speared bandana across river to fool bad guys Forked branch, pegs, fishing line sling shot a dart Logs & limonite make pointing arrow Covered ranger with branches Rope, matches, and coat on vine simulated "approach" Flashlight barrel & cord used to shoot dart 064 MURDER'S SKY Hi-Fi speakers & cable simulate "sonar" Knocked out lights with window cleaner Hid behind paper "rock walls" 065 SECRET OF THE PARKER HOUSE Pencil Erasers & Clay on skull remade Aunt Betty Lit Candle detected draft to find secret door Pipe on pressure steamer to torpedo the wall 066 BLOOD BROTHERS Young Mac made a cart from a bicycle Drain Cleaner & Phenolphthalen Solution=fake blood 067 OUTSIDERS Used barrels to support "dirt tunnel" 068 ON A WING AND A PRAYER Threw lantern on crates for diversion Patched sea-plane gash with lifejacket material Rope plane and rev up for take-off on short runway MacGyver "flew economy" on a sea-plane! 069 COLLISION COURSE Made new gasket from (?) Silver nitrate tests for chlorine in water 070 SURVIVORS Climber's pick and ropes to slide between rock walls Stuffed a coat to look like a person 071 DEADLY DREAMS Used motor oil to see thru frosted window Soaked matches with water to keep from exploding "Zetoism"-torn book cover plastic used as cup "Zetoism"-Drain Cleaner & water simulate heart attack "Zetoism"-Transport mixture via toilet paper roll "Crossism"-Tape matches to door, light propane "Crossism"-Phosphorus lanterns in plastic jugs 072 MA DALTON Used lug wrench to disconnect himself from car 073 CLEO ROCKS Tested sulfur on spoon over torch String & SAK released a wire Stunned Murdoc with electric cord 074 FRATERNITY OF THIEVES Sodium Thiosulft. & Dis. Water antidote prussic Acid Rewired Helipad signal lights 075 BATTLE OF TOMMY GIORDANO Hot wired phone for listening to calls in next room Sock over the tailpipe, so car couldn't start Used telephone wire to bolt door shut Alcohol-Ammonia-Acid used with toy for smoke screen 076 CHALLENGE Used alcohol to test ink print 077 RUNNERS Tied car to garbage dump with hose 078 GOLD RUSH Used pin and map to amplify old dictaphone Vodka, string, oxygen to blow out snow Disarm weight mine with backpack pole Rode plane cargo door like sled 079 INVISIBLE KILLER Remote Sling Shot to throw leaves & dirt in guy's face Shot vinegar & pepper through the telescope Rope Snare Trap with pulley in fire lookout 080 BRAINWASHED No MacGyverisms, just figured out the "programming" 081 EASY TARGET Replaced grenade pin with lift ticket wire Took explosisve from grenade, blew out door Jammed door, had Pete hold a "trip" wire Rewired walkie talkies for "short" distraction Made an electro magnet "short" itself 082 RENEGADE Hot wire elevator with SAK Light bulb aim at motion detector to hide motion Yanked "any old wire" to difuse bomb, GOT LUCKY Roped prop on helicopter 083 UNFINISHED BUSINESS Daltonism-Used Feet knock Deborah down w/rock No "isms," except for clips from past shows 084} LEGEND OF THE HOLY ROSE (Two part ep) 085} Stowed away in a hot tub crate Built a two seat airplane for rescue Used his shoes to escape from pendulum torture Used flag to climb castle to rescue Zoe Used bellows as a pea shooter 086 BLACK CORSAGE PHROGISM-pushed door open with nose PHROGISM-dog rerouted Mac & Colton out of fish chopper Cut ropes on fish teeth Start Merry Go Round to distract bad guys Used SAK to pick lock (HO HUM!!!!!) Rigged cord to shut cover when jewelry picked up 087 CEASE FIRE Wire, battery, jumper cable as "arc welder" Lisa "doubletalks" bad guys Rope self to cable car Cut off bomb with SAK 088 SECOND CHANCE Shot a syringe through rolled up paper Exploded a gate lock 089 HALLOWEEN KNIGHTS Pool Chalk, candle wax makes thumbprint impression Apple & cabbage deflects rifle with motion detector Garbage Can Lid deflects rifle with motion detector Tent cloth prevents motion detector from working Pouring kerosene on self repels snakes 090 CHILDREN OF LIGHT Vise Grip forced heavy pipe to burst down door Used metal pole to slide down cord used as rope 091 BLACK RHINO (no MacGyverisms, just a bunch of fighting) 092 TEN PERCENT SOLUTION Earring, tube, light bulb broke thru metal door 093 TWO TIMES TROUBLE Climbed out of elevator, and up shaft Camera lens = magnifying glass Got fingerprint with tempura paint and tape Figured out double life, dressed up as Carla While underwater in tank, breathed on bubble pipe Kicked light bulb, cut straightjacket on broken glass 094 MADONNA Rolled stage on barbells 095 SERENITY (no MacGyverisms, BOO HOO!) 096 LIVE & LEARN Glycerol & water to recover a burned paper Lifted cement slab off someone 097 LOG JAM Squirt fire hose at a killer (didn't work too long!) 098 TREASURE OF MANCO Used SAK to dig out grout seal on rock Stood on stone to activate Inca mechanism 099 JENNY'S CHANCE Wire & microchip makes high frequency noise Everybody was somebody else!!!!! 100 DEEP COVER (2nd appearance of DEXTER!) Flare, oxygen, wire, popped submarine cover Pinned bad guys with raft Hooked boat to dock Cable "hooked" bad guy 101 LOST AMADEUS LULUISM-took key while looking over someone's shoulder LULUISM-"Therapied" guy to distraction, then hit Hid inside grate Hair pin opens lock Lit kerosene lamp in trash, activates CO2 Extinguisher Cut ropes against scroll saw blade 102 HEARTS OF STEEL Swung on Cable to knock bad guy down Heavy electro-magnet lifted car 103 RUSH TO JUDGEMENT Used SAK to pick lock on soft drink dispenser (YAWN..) Made soft drink dispenser shoot cans for distraction Pushed cart to knock bag lady down Spilled perfume to put dogs off scent trail Dressed manequins in Macs clothes to fool dogs 104 PASSAGES HARRYISM-Gum wrapper fishing lure Fire hose threaded on boat axle winches door open Used boat cable to jump from ship Drew symbol in baby powder to tell Pete something 105 TOUGH BOYS Picked lock w/SAK (how many times was THIS done?) Cowboy roped a bomb w/electrical cord Attempted to disarm bomb w/ string & copper tube Didn't work, got lucky, bomb was phony Paint can handle & lawn mower rope pull lift door bolt Used oozie as wrench to turn on fire hose Thread said hose thru ladder, squirt bad guys 106 HUMANITY Phone & Speaker to listen to "clicks" in comb. lock Threw bomb in safe after opening it 107 GUN Used (??) to pry box open Explosive: Grenade detonator, copper wire, dry cell 108 TWENTY QUESTIONS Last computer file accessed = next house robbery Threw picture for distraction Lamp, small figure, table, = LARGE shadow on curtain Chained truck so it wouldn't go over edge 109 WALL Signal Flare to detect laser beam Used "slimy goo" to get ropes off hands Used hand puppet as distraction Toy Blimp as distraction Dropped snare drum on bad guy 110 LESSON IN EVIL ZETOISM-Use pin to pick lock (how original!) Mac deciphered Zeto's code Jumped on bell rope, caused bell to hit Zeto 111 HARRY'S WILL SAK to pick lock (AGAIN???) Used wire to pull air pump hose Inflated doubled-over inner tube to raise car DIVINE INTERVENTION gave clue to Harry's puzzle 112 MACGYVER'S WOMEN Used belt hook to cut ropes Roped building, horse pulled building down Alcohol poured on seeds in stove mimics gunshots 113 BITTER HARVEST Sunglasses, Nail Polish Remover, Lamp = spectroscope Used homemade spectroscope to analyze stick for "fix" Kicked off welded bar, cut ropes on welds Breathed oxygen from hole left from kicking bar Squirted wine from tank at bad guy 114 VISITOR SAK to pick lock (ho hum!!!!!!!!!) VORTEX caused distraction VORTEX posts Mac's bail VORTEX shorts out the flame thrower Uranium, amonia, nepalm, wires = chemical plasma Spear salted wires to power lines = chemical plasma 115 SQUEEZE PLAY (3rd appearance of DEXTER!) Pull out brick to listen in room Record tone dials to figure out phone number Kent McCord bats ball to cause sign to fall 116 JERICO GAMES Jerico pin picks lock (yawn........) Mac escaped by hanging on under truck Metal rod pushed window out of incinerator Used same rod to push incinerator handle to OFF Rod & string to open latch on incinerator door 117 WASTELAND Propeller Parachute man to hospital (GOOD 'ISM!) 118 EYE OF OSIRIS Sugar/Water to dry Sand impression for plaster mold 119 HIGH CONTROL Found Biotoxin in Teddy Bear Used broken glass to break ropes Squirt ether thru pump hose to knock someone out Mixed explosive, put on bike, hit car with it 120 THERE BUT FOR THE GRACE Stapled coat to ground, person was in coat Blown up rubber glove & light bulb thing 121 BLIND FAITH Steam Pressure Hose Shot Gun Used grinder to cut ropes Jam Door with a Crowbar (TOO EASY!) Used Display Shelf as Bullet Proof Barrier Used Jumper Cables to make "stunner" 122 FAITH HOPE & CHARITY Made a Crutch from Hat Rack Ropes against saw to cut binds Made wheelchair from Baby Carriage Saw thru stair support to stop bad guys Found a secret tunnel Cayene Pepper on a mop in someone's face Pull Stair Carpet runner to trip someone Vaccuum Cleaner in the Chili, squirt at someone 123 STRICTLY BUSINESS Used Rifle to prop Booby Trap wires 124 TRAIL OF TEARS T-Bar inside tube for rocket to break door Used feather as cotter pin to stop bomb 125 HIND-SIGHT (Just clips of old MacGyverisms) 126 HONEST ABE Use Flashlight Morse Code to access helicopter {"Waxed" cloth thru candle for a fuse {thread above fuse into keyhole {Pour Brandy into bellows, flush thru keyhole {Lit fuse by stiking metal hoop on concrete floor Fired helicopter weapons by shaving & flashing mirrror 127 HOOD Speared skeleton hand to pull lever Candle Wax enhanced printing on burned matchbook Hid in Laundry Cart, kicked someone Knocked scaffolding down w/ fire hose & elevator 128 OBSESSED Used shoes to pull cart with nitrogen toward him Used Nitrogen to break rope Stuffed cloth in the intake of rocket to mess it up Squirted "409 Cleaner" on light bulb for diversion Murdocism-Dart in payment briefcase 129 PROMETHEUS SYNDROME Used bomb to break down door Pulled bomb pin with officer badge Used above pin to unhook motion sensor in bomb Used walkie talkie magnet against bomb circuit 130 COLTONS Got the dog to bring acid to him to cut rope 131 WALKING DEAD Grab rope thru knothole in coffin Knotted rope, swaying truck broke coffin Throw Mama L.'s "magic dust" Wire, brick, barrel as distraction Escaped in cloud of magic powder 132} GOOD KNIGHT MACGYVER (Two part ep) 133} "Ducked" on horse to prevent joust jab Cowboy-roped a knight Sliced standing rope with SAK (so what?!?!?!?!?!?!) Lit a match (This WAS the 16th Century!!!!!) Pewter goblet, 4 eggs, & (?????) for poison antidote Alcohol, candle, wire, metal, glass; isolated tinadium Soda & vinegar in bag is fire extinguisher Corkscrew on SAK pulled Mac out of pits High pitch dog whistle from metal tube & paper? Lighter & "black powder" make letters show up on rock Polished barrette with amonia to make mirror Wet cloth strips, quills, silk, knife makes kite Vitriol & zinc make hydrogen gas in a boda bag Used said gassed boda bag to fly kite Said kite caught fire and blew off jail door 134 DEADLY SILENTS Open SAK with one hand! SAK thru wallet, poke curtain, slide down curtain Used shoe as "grappling hook" Pulled prop down on "bad guys" 135 SPLIT DECISION Homemade boxing training devices Sodium Thiosulfate & water is "chill bag" Knocks window with crane truck 136 GUNZ 'N BOYS Tore off Air Conditioner to get in warehouse Lit whiskey covered kindling in wastebasket for flame Used flame, Duct Pipe, cinch belt to torpedo beer keg Picked lock with champaigne cork wire (original....) 137 OFF THE WALL Heat Coil & Coat hanger to break plastic hand ties Threw bomb down chute, hit car 138 STRINGER Water Pressure Hose "Turbo" Lift Smoke screen down a funnel 139 MOUNTAIN OF YOUTH Test tube & scarf to split wire Put stopper in door to jam it so it wouldn't lock 140 LOST TREASURE OF ATLANTIS Replaced Medal used to hold bars with lens cap OOPS, that didn't work! Now, HOW did they get out of the rock pile??? How to get out of Jail with an electrically charged floor: 1. Attach chain to wooden chair. 2. Place chair on electric floor. 3. Make sure you don't step on electric part! 4. Hop on chair, don't touch floor. 5. Lean back in chair. 6. Fill keyhole with butane gas from lighter. 7. Jump off chair. 8. Push light hanging from cord against door to ignite the butane. 9. BAM, door is open. Take apart gun, use pin to pick handcuff locks. How to get a car with no engine to "go:" 1. Put booster rockets on side of car 2. Hook the car to a box of grenades. 3. BAM, building door is blown off, car goes. Used the booby trap stalactites to cut rope Candle in armor to burn rope for distraction (Shades of "Deathlock" here????) Used SAK to start the plane (OH PUH-LEEZ!!) How to get out of a volcano: 1. Thread rope thru funnel 2. Throw funnel with rope to top 3. Hope it "catches," it does 4. Loop rope thru pulley 5. Put coat over steam pipe 6. The pressure of steam forces coat out 7. Rope moves, hang on, get out 141 TRAIL TO DOOMSDAY Air nozzle w/powder to distract bad guy Wet rag w/charcoal used as gas mask Used eyeglasses as magnifier Use belt as a pole grip to climb pole Used vaccuum switch and hose to distract bad guy Screw driver blocks door Tone generator of oscilloscope rewired uranium separator Used insulation to crawl on "hot" uranium pipes Red & Black lead wires and tennis racket used as tricket wrench *****************************************************************
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