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MacGyver started in September 1985 on ABC-TV and ran until 1991. Since the show's end there have also been two made-for-tv-movies. The show is about a man called "MacGyver", he hate guns and instead he likes to think and use his knowledge when he's in trouble. He allways carries a swiss ary knife, and some times a role of duct tape.

In the MacGyverism section you can read about his abillity to pick up just about anything and turn it in to something usefull, like a termite-torch maby. You can read about what he does i every single episode.

On this page you can also find information about the characters and actors, the episode guide includes information about when the episode first was aired, who directed it and mutch more.


If you want to chat with other MacGyver fans and download episodes join #macgyver-eps on DALnet.
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About me

My name is Olle Stake, i live in Sweden and i'm a big fan of the series. Ever since i was four or five years old i've been liking MacGyver. If you want to contact me feel free to do so.
icq: 98166939