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Episode Guide Season 1-3

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1st Season 1985

1. "Pilot" Back
gs: Michael Lerner [ Gantner ], Dana Elcar [ Andy Colson (not Pete) ], Paul Stewart [ Dr. Steubens ],
Michael C. Gwynne [ Dr. Burke ], Olaf Pooley [ Dr. Sidney Marlow ], Shavar Ross [ MacGyver's little brother ],
Darlanne Fluegel [ Barbara Spencer ]
Mac is asked to rescue scientists in an underground lab guarded by a deadly security system.

2. "The Golden Triangle"
gs: Joan Chen [ Lin ], George Lee Cheung [ General Narai ], Clyde Kusatsu [ Anek ], Keye Luke [ Prasert ],
Benjamin Lum [ Truang ], Bryan Price [ Chan ], James Saito [ Ming ] MacGyver uses a magnet to retrieve stolen documents, then escapes a car about to be flattened. Later,
Mac is mistaken for a narc when he tries to retrieve a canister filled with a deadly chemical
from a Burma opium field.

3. "Thief of Budapest"
gs: Michael Constantine [ Jan Messic ], Bruce Abbott [ Kossov ], Kelly McClain [ Yanna ], Sue Kiel [ Reena ]
MacGyver retrieves a stolen horse and gets picked up -literally- by a chopper. Then in Budapest
a gypsy steals a watch containing the microfilm MacGyver was supposed to receive from a Russian agent.

4. "The Gauntlet"
gs: Robin Curtis [ Kate Connelly ], John Vernon [ Ryerson ], Gregory Sierra [ General Antonio Vasquez ]
MacGyver retrieves a top-secret map, then uses it to escape his pursuers in the desert. Then Mac
helps a reporter get out of a Latin country with evidence linking a general to an illegal arms dealer.

5. "The Heist"
gs: Vernon Wells [ Catlin ], Victoria Bass [ Tiffany ], John Carter [ Senator Rhodes ], Doran Clark
[ Chris Rhodes ] Mac must figure out how to retrieve diamonds destined for a famine relief charity from a casino vault.

6. "Trumbo's World"
gs: David Ackroyd [ Trumbo ], Peter Jurasik [ Dr. Charles Alden ]
In the Pyrenees, MacGyver rescues a prisoner, then makes a daring escape with her by raft.
Then in Brazil, Mac helps defend a plantation from an army of ants denuding the surrounding jungle.

7. "Last Stand"
gs: Harry Caesar [ Al Tennyson ], Steve Franken [ Unknown ], Jackie Earle Haley [ Unknown ],
Art Hindle [ Dave Redding ], Kay Lenz [ Kelly Nelson ], Michael McGuire [ Andrews ],
Anthony Penya [ Unknown ], Lewis Van Bergen [ Buddy ]
Mac stumbles into a hostage situation at a small airstrip taken over by fugitive armored-car robbers.

8. "Hellfire"
gs: Cooper Huckabee [ Bill Farren ], Nana Visitor [ Laura Farren ], Rudy Ramos [ Pete Torgut ]
MacGyver turns "hellfighter" to help a friend cap an oil-well fire.

9. "The Prodigal"
gs: Robert Romanus [ Frank Bennett ], Richard Romanus [ Joey Bennett ], Carl Franklin [ Wiley ], Angela Clarke [ Caterina Bennett ]
Mac must find a way for a Federal witness to visit his dying mother without his mobster brother finding out.

10. "Target MacGyver"
gs: D'Mitch Davis [ Axminster ]
rc: Harry
Mac rescues a lady general at a beachhouse, then nabs her kidnappers using common kitchen equipment.
Later, while visiting his estranged grandfather Mac is hunted down by a contract killer.

11. "Nightmares"
gs: Tammy Lauren [ Lisa Allen ], Robert O'Reilly [ Curt Neilson ], J.P. Bumstead [ Barrett ],
Mike Mancini [ Crisp ]
rc: Pete
Mac escapes from enemy agents after being injected by a hallucinogen that will kill him in six hours.

12. "Deathlock"
gs: Wendy Schaal [ Karen Blake ], Christopher Neame [ Quayle ]
rc: Pete
Posing as a corpse, Mac escapes Berlin by coffin-turned-jet-ski. Later,
he is trapped in a mansion that is electronically booby-trapped by an old nemesis.

13. "Flame's End"
gs: Tannis Montgomery [ Any Austin ], Conlan Carter [ Ed Train ], Robert Englund [ Tim Wexler ]
An old friend of Mac's discovers evidence of uranium thefts from a nuclear processing plant.

14. "Countdown"
gs: Ellen Bry [ Carole Tanner ], Steven Williams [ Charlie Robinson ], Michael Cavanaugh [ Donahue ]
rc: Pete
MacGyver and an old Army buddy have just hours to defuse two sophisticated bombs aboard a cruise ship.

15. "The Enemy Within"
gs: Victoria Fyodorova [ Viktoria Tomanova ], Lynn-Holly Johnson [ Ingrid Bannister ],
Michael W. Goodwin [ Craig Bannister ], Beau Starr [ Lem ]
rc: Pete
MacGyver must protect a defector who can identify the killer of three agents.

16. "Every Time She Smiles"
gs: Kai Wulff [ Stephan Frolov ], Michael Fox [ Burak ], Milos Kirek [ Petrovich ]
rc: Penny
American Penny Parker, who's fleeing her security officer lover,
jeopardizes MacGyver's mission in Bulgaria to transport out microfilm.

17. "To Be a Man"
gs: Persis Khambatta [ Zia ], Sid Haig [ Khalil ], Allan Kolman [ Captain ], Ajay Naidu [ Ahmed ]
rc: Pete
In Afghanistan, wounded and hunted by the Soviets, Mac is given refuge by an Afghan woman and her son.

18. "Ugly Duckling"
gs: Darcy Marta [ Kate Lafferty ], Lee deBroux [ Hatcher ], Richard McKenzie [ Willis ], Ned Bellamy [ Larkin ]
rc: Pete
Black marketeers are after a young genius that is the only one capable of fixing a missile's guidance system.

19. "Slow Death"
gs: Frances Bergen [ Eleanor Kingman ], Kenneth Danziger [ Peter Kramer ], Anthony DeFonte [ Hassan ],
Alan Fudge [ Paul Webster ], Carrell Myers [ Unknown ],
Tracey Reed [ Unknown ], Pamela Roylance [ Diana Kingman ],
Warwick Sims [ James Grant ], Mark Tymchyshyn [ Andy Ellis ]
Mac and a trainload of passengers are taken hostage by a tribal chieftain seeking the men responsible for his son's death.

20. "The Escape"
gs: Kristina Wayborn [ Sara Ashford ], Paul Verdier [ Francois ], John De Lancie [ Brian Ashford ],
Miguel Fernandes [ Khan ], Vic Polizos [ Commandant ]
Mac gets himself thrown into a North African jail to help free an American missionary.

21. "A Prisoner of Conscience"
gs: Elya Baskin [ Demetri ], Larry Dobkin [ Alexander Karsoff ], Marvin Kaplan [ Chess Master ],
Paul Koslo [ Dr. Suvarin ],
Sharon Maughan ], Jane Merrow ], Tim Rossovich [ Political Prisoner ]
rc: Pete
Mac and Thornton investigate the supposed death of an old friend, a prominent Russian dissident.

22. "The Assassin"
gs: Corrine Bohrer [ Terry Ross ], Anthony DeLongis [ Piedra ], Richard Yniguez [ Emilio ]
rc: Pete
Mac tries to prevent the assassination of an archbishop by a killer who's a master of disguise.

2nd Season 1986

1. "The Human Factor" Back
gs: June Chadwick [ Dr. Jill Ludlum ], Peter Haskell [ Col. Scott Woodward ], Peter Kwong [ Steven Lee ]
A computer malfunctions during a test of its security systems, trapping Mac and its designer.

2. "The Eraser"
gs: Joe Santos [ Jimmy Kendall ], Morgan Stevens [ Simmons ], Richard L. Jamison [ Ralph ], Henry Jones [ Charles Banning ]
Mac inadvertently leads a hit man to his quarry, a man sought by the government and the mob.

3. "Twice Stung"
gs: Pamela Bowen [ Joanna Remmings ], Al Fann [ Kelly Sutton ], Richard Romanus [ James Crowe ], Rex Ryon [ Carl ], Steve Eastin [ Tony ]
Mac and Thornton go after a con artist who swindled an old friend out of his savings.

4. "The Wish Child"
gs: Leon Fan [ Paul Chan ], James Hong [ Lee Wenying ], James Paz [ Ston ], George Takei [ Dr. Shen Wei ], Tia Carrere [ Lisa Chan ], Clyde Kusatsu [ Sam ]
Mac tries to rescue a friend's brother, who has been impersonating a legendary Chinese figure.

5. "Final Approach"
gs: Ramon Franco [ Ramon ], Pamela Gidley [ Gina ], Ricky Paull Goldin [ Tommy ], David Harris [ Luther ]
Mac and four street toughs struggle for survival after their plane crashes in the mountains.

6. "Jack of Lies"
gs: Patricia McPherson [ Michelle "Mike" Forester ], Silvana Gallardo [ Elena ], Kevyn Mayor Howard [ Sonny ], Gregory Sierra [ Colonel Antunnez ]
rc: Jack
Jack Dalton needs help freeing a "botanist" being held by drug smugglers, and she turns out to be an old friend of Mac's.

7. "The Road Not Taken"
gs: Marilyn Jones [ Debra Easton ], Salome Jens [ Sister Margaret ], Patrick Gorman [ Gilbert Arnaud ], Dana Lee [ Chanthara ], Arsenio "Sonny" Trinidad [ Kahn ]
Mac meets his former fiancée when he and Pete try to rescue a nun and her orphaned charges.

8. "Eagles"
gs: Julie Cobb [ Susan Cooper ], Chris Stone [ Curry ], Michael MacRae [ Ghant ], Peter MacLean [ Mr. Nistrum ], Danny Cooksey [ Darin Cooper ]
Mac runs afoul of a escaped felon, who shot and wounded a rare eagle, and who now wants to kill Mac.

9. "Silent World"
gs: Mary Beth Barber [ Carrie Linden ], Jack Colvin [ Abel Makepeace ], Geoffrey Lewis [ David Crane ]
Mac's deaf friend has nightmares that might give a clue to finding a stolen missile-guidance system.

10. "Three For the Road"
gs: Edward Mulhare [ Guy Roberts ], Anne Rogers [ June Roberts ], Richard Hatch [ Michael Talbot ], Dennis Stewart [ Tom ], Michael Rider [ Phil ]
Mac hitches a ride with a retired actor and his wife, who are unwittingly carrying mob money.

11. "Phoenix Under Siege"
gs: Tricia O'Neil [ Victoria Charles ], Richard Lineback [ Phillips ], Harry Beer [ Fred ]
rc: Harry
Killers hunt MacGyver and his grandfather while trapped in a building wired with a time bomb.

12. "Family Matter"
gs: T. Scott Coffey [ Michael Thornton ], Penelope Windust [ Connie Thornton ], Donald Gordon [ Frank Bonner ], Beau Billingslea [ Boone ], Jeffrey Josephson [ Obadiah Moss ]
Pete's ex-wife and son are kidnapped, and the kidnappers want Pete in exchange for their release

13. "Soft Touch"
gs: Robert Donner [ Vince ], Vincent Schiavelli [ Lyle ], Michael Ensign [ Derek ], Elya Baskin [ Yuri Demetri ]
rc: Penny
Mac gets involved when Penny Parker sees a thug torturing a Federal agent.

14. "Birth Day"
gs: Toni Kalem [ Elaine Harryman ], Joseph Lambie [ Andrew Harryman ], David Crowley [ Eric ], Paul Drake [ Mitch ], J.E. Freeman [ Karl ]
Mac is trapped with a pregnant woman whose husband is out to kill her.

15. "Pirates"
gs: Marta Dubois [ Dr. Barbara Ortega ], Stephen M.Gagnon [ Commander Nelson ], Cliff Potts [ Gar Manning ]
Modern-day pirates use a Spanish captain's log to locate a sunken treasure fleet.

16. "Out in the Cold"
gs: Jonathan Goldsmith [ Jack ], Deborah Wakeman [ Ski Patrolwoman ], Robert Pastorelli [ Arnie ], Michael Constantine [ Sam Leland ]
Mac becomes a gangster's target after he acquires some microfilm during a skiing accident.

17. "Dalton, Jack of Spies"
gs: Lee Purcell [ Shadow ], Alan Fudge [ Jay Michaels ], Curt Lowens [ Stanley Berrenger ], Duane Tucker [ Al ], Frank L. Annese [ Unknown ]
rc: Jack
Mac and Jack are accused of murder when a scheme to find a mole in the CIA goes awry.

18. "Partners"
gs: Iris Alhanti [ Sara ]
rc: Jack, Murdoc
An assassin they thought had died during their first case together traps Mac and Pete.
NOTE: This account of Mac and Pete's first meeting conflicts with the story presented in "Deathlock."

19. "Bushmaster"
gs: Sandy McPeak [ Moore ], John Shuck [ Joe Henderson ], Rene Estevez [ Kelly Henderson ], Bert Rosario [ Lt. Paul Para ], Alex Colon [ General Salazar ]
The daughter of an American pilot held in Latin America tags along on Mac's rescue mission

20. "Friends"
gs: Robin Curtis [ Kate Connelly ], Michael W. Goodwin [ Craig Bannister ], Tim Rossovich [ Mike Desmond ]
rc: Penny, Jack, Harry
Mac's friends throw a birthday party for him, but he's somberly reflecting on his past and future.

21. "D.O.A.: MacGyver"
gs: John Pleshette [ Lancer ], Clive Revill [ Braddock ], Priscilla Morrill [ Helen ], Kim Miyori [ Tara ], Rockne Tarkington [ Jules ], Nana Visitor [ Carol Varnay ]
An amnesiac Mac is hunted by terrorists who believe he knows of their assassination plans.

22. "For Love or Money"
gs: Deborah Adair [ Diana Rogers ], Walter Addison [ Anton Dubcek ], Oksana Olijar [ Viera Dubcek ], Reuven Bar-Yotam [ Krug ]
Mac is forced to work with a ruthless free lance agent to rescue a human rights activist.

3rd Season 1987

1. "Lost Love (1)" Back
gs: James Hong [ Commissioner Chu ], Anthony De Longis [ Kosoff ], Walter Marsh [ Racoubian ],
Leslie Bevis [ Tanya Lyaschenka ], Elyssa Davalos [ Lisa ]
rc: Jack
A Soviet dissident that MacGyver once loved and thought he had lost appears and begs for his help.
Before he can, the KGB kidnaps her and demands a priceless national treasure from China as her ransom.

2. "Lost Love (2)"
gs: James Hong [ Commissioner Chu ], Anthony De Longis [ Kosoff ], Walter Marsh [ Racoubian ],
Leslie Bevis [ Tanya Lyaschenka ], Elyssa Davalos [ Lisa ]
rc: Jack
A Soviet dissident that MacGyver once loved and thought he had lost appears and begs for his help.
Before he can, the KGB kidnaps her and demands a priceless national treasure from China as her ransom.

3. "Back From the Dead"
gs: Joe Santos [ Jimmy "the Eraser" Kendall ], Al Ruscio [ Dave ], Rebecca Balding [ Susan ],
Richard Jamison [ Ralph ], Alex Bruhanski [ Sal ], Henry "Hank" Aaron [ Himself ]
Jimmy Kendall, living undercover after testifying against his Mob bosses surfaces when
he becomes the manager for a winning baseball team.

4. "Sasquatch (a.k.a. Ghost Ship)"
gs: Katey Wright [ Karin Graff ], Michele Goodger [ Joanna ], Nicholas Rice [ Bench ], Byron Chief-Moon [ Joe Wales ],
Len George [ Chief Khotlacha ], Ken Kirzinger [ Bigfoot ]
MacGyver stumbles on a deserted ship and finds a runaway girl, who tells him that
the rest of crew were driven away by Bigfoot.

5. "Fire and Ice"
gs: Aharon Ipale [ Amir Sumal ], Johnathon Pallone [ Unknown ],
Anthony Stamboulieh [ Ambassador Vulnay ], Terry David Mulligan [ Unknown ]
rc: Nikki
A jewel thief with diplomatic immunity kills Mac's friend.

6. "GX-1"
gs: Walter Gotell [ Starkoss ], Morris Panych [ Colonel Markov ], Peter Nicholas [ Lieutenant ]
rc: Nikki
Mac and Nikki race to recover equipment from a downed experimental plane before the Soviets, who are using a psychic to guide them to the wreckage.

7. "Jack in the Box"
gs: Luke Askew [ Warden Renfro ], Eugene Butler ], Daniel Faraldo [ Pepe ], Diane Robin [ Louella ],
Lance LeGault [ "Bull" Bodine ]
rc: Jack
Mac and Jack must find a way out of rural Southern work camp run by corrupt officials.

8. "The Widowmaker"
gs: Lisa Bayliss [ Mike Forester ], Anthony Holland [ Mr. Ellard ]
rc: Murdoc, Nikki
MacGyver is forced out of his grief over the tragic death of a friend by a madman with a score
to settle from their past association.

9. "Hell Week"
gs: Larry Dobkin [ Professor Ryman ], Lisa Wilcox [ Janet ], John Cameron Mitchell [ Aaron ],
Ted Cole [ Jeffery Kramer ], Andrew Sabiston [ David Ryman ]
A desperate physics student goes off the deep end and boobytraps a college lab when
he fails to win a science competition and to live up to his father's high expectations.

10. "Blow Out"
gs: Dale Wilson [ Erik ], Frank Ferrucci [ Major ], Bruce Harwood [ Juice ]
rc: Nikki
MacGyver learns something of Nikki's past when a terrorist tries to kill her,
believing that she can identify him, before his next major assignment.

11. "Kill Zone"
gs: Judith Chapman [ Sandra Milhouse ], Jay Brazeau [ Phelps ]
An impulsive scientist who cuts corners in her research work creates an uncontrollably mutating
organism that speeds up the aging process.

12. "Early Retirement"
gs: Madison Mason [ Matt Webber ], Ted Stidder [ Chairman Farrell ], Rob Roy [ DXS Agent ], Paul Batten [ Reese ],
Doug Abrahams [ Unknown ], Richard Newman [ Prime Minister Amunde ]
rc: Nikki
Pete resigns when an explosion mars the talks between the UN and a subversive, only to be replaced
by a man who may be connected with the sabotage.

13. "Thin Ice"
gs: Martin Milner [ Turk ], Jeff Schultz [ Derek Kirby ], Ken Camroux [ Thompson ], Clu Gulager [ Walt Kirby ]
MacGyver tries to change the callous attitude of a high-school player with a shot at the pros,
whose ambitions have landed an opponent in the hospital.

14. "The Odd Triple"
gs: Judy Geeson [ Elena ], Ian Ruskin [ Andres ], Martin Evans [ Robert ], Alan Robertson [ Unknown ], Vernon Wells [ Paul Donnay ]
rc: Jack Jack gets Mac involved in his latest job, flying a wealthy woman back to France with a fortune in jewels,
but things go awry when they're arrested upon arrival.

15. "The Negotiator"
gs: Kristian Alfonso [ Deborah ], David Ackroyd [ Knapp ], Ned Bellamy [ Remick ]
rc: Nikki
The men behind a construction project will do anything to get a favorable environmental-impact study out of Mac- including murder.

16. "The Spoilers (a.k.a. Earthquake World)"
gs: Randall "Tex" Cobb [ "Earthquake" ], Emily Kuroda [ Karen ], William Taylor [ Unknown ]
A recluse nicknamed "Earthquake" as he searches for whoever is responsible for polluting mountain streams with toxic waste and
for poisoning his dog joins MacGyver.

17. "Mask of the Wolf"
gs: Gary Lockwood [ Grant ], Floyd Red Crow Westerman [ Two Eagles ], Gordon Tootoosis [ Perry ], Marianne Jones [ Anna ]
rc: Jack
Jack and Mac help an ancient Indian search for a wolf mask that two mercenaries are also eager to have.

18. "Rock the Cradle"
gs: Mitzi Kapture [ Katie ], Don Thompson [ Cutler ], Garwin Sanford [ Durst ], Peter Yunker [ Carlo ],
Malcolm Fairweather [ Jack Jr. ], Frasier Fairweather [ Jack Jr. ]
rc: Jack Mac and Jack return from a flight to find an abandoned baby in Jack's hangar, complete
with a desperate note from the mother and his own endowment fund hidden in his diapers.

19. "The Endangered"
gs: Moira Walley [ Karen ], John Dennis Johnston [ Ed ], Don Davis [ Wyatt ], Robin Mossley [ Earl ],
Stephen E. Miller [ Unknown ], Steve Blalock [ Sam ]
MacGyver confronts poachers who are stalking endangered species at a wildlife preserve run by an old girlfriend.

20. "Murderer's Sky"
gs: Roderick Cook [ Alasdair ], Soon-Teck Oh [ Raymond ], Tia Carrere [ Tiu ], Keye Luke [ Adam Chen ], Ernie Reyes Jr. [ Luke Chen ]
MacGyver and a Chinese teenager are all that stand between the boy's grandfather and his company and some very deadly
businessmen intent upon acquiring it.

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